Treble Rail

Treble Rail

The Treble Rail adds 12 super treble notes to the guitar by dividing 6 strings with a moveable bridge.

Simply position the Treble Rail on the soundboard, tighten up the clamps and start exploring the world of 12 super treble strings.

The Treble Rail uses classical guitar treble strings. The below chart lists the classical guitar string used and a typical tuning with the moveable bridge positioned to form an interval of a 5th.

String Pitch
Treble Rail Classical Guitar Left of bridge Right of bridge
1 1 C6 G6
2 1 B5 F#6
3 2 A5 E6
4 2 G5 D6
5 3 F#5 C#6
6 3 E5 B5

Explore a Virtual Treble Rail.

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