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Harp Guitar Kit

The Harp Guitar Kit is a set of attachments that retrofit on an acoustic guitar. The attachments do not require any modifications to the guitar.

Installation Requirements

  • Three left and three right tuning machine arrangement. The left and right tuning machines must be mounted in a straight line.
  • Tuning machines must be secured to the headstock by hex bushing and a screw
  • The distance between the headstock and edge of the 6th string tuning peg equal to or greater than 1/8 inch.
  • The tuning machine bracket requires a strap button screw or an endpin jack to mount it to the body of the guitar. If an endpin jack is used it must be secured to the body of the guitar with a nut. A friction or screw mount type endpin jack will not work.

The Harp Guitar Kit contains the following components.

  • A bracket secured to the headstock by the 6th and 1st string tuning machines
  • A floating bridge with piezo cable saddle transducer for separate amplification
  • An array of five tuning machines attached to the body with the strap button screw or jack endpin
Headstock Bracket
Floating Bridge
Tuning Machine Bracket

Disclaimer: Fretboard Explorer is not responsible for any damage to the instrument that my result from the installation or use of the Harp Guitar Kit.